I don’t see any tricks today.

I saw some comments talking about “misdirection” day which means that the close on Thursday immediately before the OE week usually is opposite to the close of the OE week. i.e. A green Thursday should mean a red OE week close. Let’s take a look at what has happened since the 2007 bear market.

Date Close OE Week Close


8/13/2009 UP UP  
7/9/2009 UP UP  
6/11/2009 UP DOWN YES
5/7/2009 DOWN DOWN  
4/9/2009 UP UP  
3/12/2009 UP DOWN YES
2/12/2009 UP DOWN YES
1/8/2009 UP DOWN YES
12/11/2008 DOWN UP YES
11/13/2008 UP DOWN YES
10/9/2008 DOWN UP YES
9/11/2008 UP UP  
8/7/2008 DOWN UP YES
7/10/2008 UP UP  
6/12/2008 UP DOWN YES
5/8/2008 UP UP  
4/10/2008 UP UP  
3/13/2008 UP UP  
2/7/2008 UP UP  
1/10/2008 UP DOWN YES
12/13/2007 UP UP  
11/8/2007 DOWN UP YES
10/11/2007 DOWN DOWN  
SUM   23 in total 11 correct

Well, only right 11 out of 23 times recently on which I don’t think is a good odd to bet. Also an interesting thing is that the Thursday before OE week was more likely an up day (17 out of 23 cases) and that’s why during a downtrend it looked like indeed it was a misleading day because on a downtrend there’re more red weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!