I have to temporarily disable the comments area. If you have questions or any comments you can send me an email: peter_y_pan@hotmail.com.

All I want to say are, guys, please don't point fingers to each other as we're all friends here.

Meanwhile, I just want you to know that it's really not easy for me to take minimum 3 hours a day to report my view of the market (and some of you may know that never was I missed a single report ever since I started it). I have my own job, and I back home around 7pm and the report usually finishes around 11pm, so virtually every report you see here are "all my leisure time". My wife and kid were away from me last year, so I got plenty of time. However, they'll be back soon and I'm not sure how HARDER it will be since I've determined to keep up doing the report no matter what happens. So please, if you really appreciate my work, try your best to make things easier for me. Let's talk about stock market ONLY, OK?

And by the way, if my wife and kid are home, I need buy time from them (by bribing them with a little allowance while I'm busy on the report. :-)). I'm not here asking for donation however, I'm asking a little favor, so if you really want help and don't know how (some of you may have figured out from the changes I've made from my blog, and thanks, I really appreciate!), please send me an email.