What do I offer:

Market Outlook
This the core of my daily market view, published before 11pm ET except Friday which is posted before Sunday instead. The report gives detailed analysis about the market short-term and intermediate-term trend. Every conclusions are based on multiple evidences that are always presented. In addition, to help gauging the market strength, trend signals for the most popular sectors are listed. Click HERE to see example.

Trading Signals
Reporting short-term trend, my position, what I expect for the next day, trading setups if any, Cobra Impulse System signals, Non-Stop model signals and demo account for my short-term trading model. The report published before 6pm ET for every trading day so that you have some references to help deciding if an position adjustment is needed in the after hour market. Click HERE to see example.

Although claimed to be a research project but it’s your direction guide for Russell 2000, gold, oil, bond and US Dollar. It’s not a typical position trading however, as sometimes switch direction can be fast depends on the market volatility.

Real Time Intra-day Comment
Free but doesn’t mean inaccurate, click HERE to see example. Through the regular market hour, I give unlimited updates about the potential intra-day turning points. Suitable for day traders and help getting better entry for swing positions. You can find the intra-day comment HERE.

Public Chart List at StockCharts.com
Hundreds of charts are updated daily and available to view at any time for free in my Public Chart Book at StockCharts. Some charts are posted in the daily Trading Signals and Market Outlook but most are not, so this is your additional source of information besides my daily report.

Chart Analysis on Demand
You can ask my opinion about any indices, stocks and commodities as long as their daily charts are available in StockCharts and have enough history. For example, I cannot tell you what I think about a newly IPO because it doesn’t have much history. One thing you should know though: The Chart Analysis on Demand is not mandatory to me although I’d try my best to answer all your questions but sometimes if I get too many requests, I simply cannot answer them all.

The last but not the least:
I use all kinds of tools and models to play the market. None of them is reliable on its own. It’s the context which gives tools/models a certain significance. But this is the crux: seeing the context and trading accordingly is not a universal science, it’s an individual art. Nobody can copy me, no newbie, no professional. Trading/investing has to be learnt by each trader/investor by spending 1000s of hours staring at charts, reading analysis, making good and bad choices, learning from mistakes. 10’000s of dollars will be lost along the way. What you do find in my site is nothing else than tidbits. Some of them might fit your trading method, your investment style, give you new insights, help you to trade/invest. But please discard all the other information, and never, never act on some kind of information you don’t completely understand – never!

What you don’t get:

You don’t get rich if you don’t do your own due diligence.

If you’re looking for a simple buy or sell with always very affirmative tone and some hot stock picks that promise to make you rich overnight, this site is not for you. If you’re looking for someone who stays in a fixed direction for a long long time, this site is not for you. Cobra is neither bull nor bear, it’s a snake that can twist into any direction the market goes at any time. Trading is difficult, 95% of people will likely lose money, perhaps big money, it’s like walking through a mine-field, most guys get killed, so if you cannot invest tons of time, tenacity and talent, instead hoping some advices could save you from all the troubles, then this site is not for you.

What is the basic requirements in order to understand my daily report?

If you sole purpose is to see my daily Trading Signals, then no sophisticated skill is required as long as you understand that the trading signals as well as trading setups are based on the history record and therefore no guarantee for the future. This site is not at all about investment advices, so neither trading signals nor trading setups are meant to be followed blindly. Besides it’s absolutely necessary for you to understand POSITION SIZING, please read the link carefully, putting all your eggs into one basket will only result in bankruptcy no matter how accurate a trading system is.

Those who are interested mainly in my daily Market Outlook, a very basic understandings of Technical Analysis is preferred. If you don’t understand the following statement, then better forget about my reports, they’re not for you.

I don’t have the crystal ball, so I cannot see through the future. My tools are very basic Technical Analysis, such as chart pattern, candlestick pattern, indicators, breadth, seasonality and statistics and sometimes very basic Elliott Wave rules. So all I can do are to tell you what happened thereafter in the past when similar chart pattern formed and hopefully the history repeats again this time. In fact the entire Technical Analysis theory is based on the history repeats itself. The idea is to find higher odds and always bet on it, although sometimes lower odds do happen, but as long as you keep betting on the higher odds, in the long run, the edges will be very clear. And also accordingly, although there’re always some exceptions but in my analysis, I’d try my best not to think that this time is different and it’s up to you to decide whether the odds are high enough for you to take an action or simply this time will be different. The following screenshot is a typical example of what my analysis looks like.


From time to time, you’d sure see me making wrong calls. Nobody is perfect neither do I, otherwise I’d sunbath on some famous beach now instead of working hard here everyday here. I actually don’t mind wrong or right as I said above that all are about odds as long as I report whatever I see without biases. Trade what you see not what you believe, that’s what I’m doing and you should too, therefore sometimes, especially when market is choppy, you’d see me switch side fast, don’t get frustrated, it’s a must characteristics of an experienced trader. To make it easy for you to understand how I trade, I virtually report my short-term positions in the daily Trading Signals report. See screenshot below. The very first line everyday, I always tell you whether the short-term trend is up or down and what position I hold overnight. Further more, at the end of the report, there’s a table giving more details about my current positions. One simple rule to use this kind of info is whenever you see I hold both long and short position overnight, most likely it’s the time the trend is about to shift.