We have a Private Messaging System now, members are welcome to use it, even you’re no long a premium member anymore you’re still able to use the private message.

The reason we need a private messaging system instead of relying on email is we found that emails are not reliable. Some mail servers simply reject all the mails sent from cobrasmarketview.com and some users simply filters all the mails that are not in their friend list. As a contents provider, we value your opinion very much, so we want to be sure that all your requests and questions are answered immediately and in some cases, there’re urgent matters you must know such as Payment Skips and Suspension. All in all, we need a guaranteed communication channel and here comes the Cobra’s Market View Private messaging system.

You’re encourage to use  the system to give us feedbacks and questions. And Merlin is whom you should normally address when you have questions or requests, please don’t PM Cobra, for security reason Cobra is not using Cobra account. If you have questions for other members, you can address them too, as long as you know their login id of course. We’ll use the private message to notify you if you unfortunately have the Payment Skips and Suspension problem (we’ll notify you via email as well).


The private message can be accessed at the right side of the main page once you’re logged in. You’ll see whenever you have a new message.


Also on the top of each post, there’s one line to remind you if you have an unread message.