We have both SPX and VIX down on the day which means an up day on next Monday. But this setup was wrong twice recently, with soaring bond yield and US$ and lagging Semi and not so bull friendly seasonality, I wouldn’t read too much into this. Besides, for 7 gaps on the SPY chart and a very high open today, the Monday gap up, if any, is even more difficult to hold unless it opens right above today’s high which I think the chance is remote. So I guess, no hurry to long AH even if you truly believe the bellow SPX and VIX setup.


Both AAPL and GOOG are up 9 days in a row, bellow statistics from http://bespokeinvest.typepad.com/bespoke/2009/06/google-goog-apple-aapl-on-9day-winning-streaks.html, should be interesting to you.


Have a nice weekend!