I’ve got conflicting signals again. With CPC < 0.8, not only a “firework” trading setup triggered but also it means we have 77% chances a green close tomorrow.



But we also have both SPX and VIX closed in green today which means 8 out of 11 times on the chart a red close tomorrow.


Personally, I’d give CPC signal more credit as VIX was wrong twice already recently.

Some comments for your info only:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. But, it seems that $CPCE closed around 0.53 based on the data here:
Can you kill your "firework"?

Cobra said...

Hi, Anony, yes, I saw that. But this time I'll be very careful waiting until 7:30pm ET as stockcharts.com doesn't report exactly what I calculated from CBOE. Stockcharts.com should include the last 15min AH changes.