First of all, Happy Birthday Dan Black! Well, not quite your dream came true today, but at least you got something, so I wish you’re happy now.

Hmm, let me see if the market could bring Dan another birthday present tomorrow…

It’s hard to call tomorrow, because CPC < 0.8 which means 76% chances a green close tomorrow, but CPCE, which has higher priority for calling the next day than that of CPC, is exactly equal to 0.56 which is a little dilemma here: it might be too bullish, may enough to call a red close tomorrow but if it were 0.55 then it’d be a lot easier for me to call a red close tomorrow. So I mean bears need a little luck tomorrow.


Meanwhile, I have ISEE Indices & ETFs only Index closed above 100, which was discussed here before. From the chart below, I don’t see much edge for bears tomorrow, but if we count 2 days period (which includes the dashed vertical red lines), then probably it’s a little bit bear friendly.


So combining the CPCE and ISEE together and probably Dan’s birthday wish, I guess we might see another red day tomorrow or at least not up too much to upset Dan…