Small gap up but under the resistance, so the gap could be filled, not sure though. OE day, anything could happen.

Here is the most recent Institutional Accumulation/Distribution chart and comments from

Yesterday: The Institutional Investors remained in decreasing Accumulation with the Buy/Sell spread remaining the same.  Institutional buying increased slightly, and Institutional selling decreased slightly.  

Additional Explanation today: I want to make a comment here, because there is an Institutional "trick" that they play.   The trick is that when the market reaches a level that Institutions feel is high enough for them, they continually decrease their buying while at the same time, they pull back on selling.   By letting the smaller players do the buying and not selling into them, they allow the market to move up and enhance their profits.   Over time, a decrease in buying and a change to an increase in selling brings the two to a point where they are  converging on each other and the Institutions get ready to go into distribution.  At that point the market has a correction.

*** Conclusion:  Same as yesterday ... Conditions are under duress, but with the high liquidity levels, there is a possibility for upward movement.  These are mixed conditions and this is option's expiration day.