Three tricks today, 2 for up 1 for down. A little bit complicated because CPCE may have higher priority on ISEE index so you may argue that actually should be 1 for up 2 for down.

Personally, I’ll pay attention to 8.1.5 Normalized CPCE tonight, if it drops further after the CPCE readings are fixed, then probably we’re very close to a short-term top. And also please take a look at 08/28/2009 Market Recap: SPX new high while NYMO below zero (about QQQQ), because today QQQQ formed another black bar again.

CPCI > 1.55, 9 out of 12 times a green close the next day.


ISEE Indices & ETFs Only Index < 50 and ISEE Equities Only Index > 160, 8 out 10 times a green close the next day. But the 2 failed cases happened on the day when CPCE closed below 0.56.


And today we did have CPCE closed below 0.56 which might affect the above mentioned ISEE index and itself also has 70% chances leading to a red day next day (I didn’t count today because it’s the dividend day for SPY).


Enjoy your weekend!