I have 2 tricks today, both point to a red day tomorrow. Well, OE week, maybe I should read those option related tricks with upside down.

The bottom line, read the Institutional Buying and Selling Trending chart I posted this morning, the trend is clear that institutional accumulation is less and less as the market trending up. I really don’t know how the market is going to sustain this kind of rally without the participation of the most institutions.

But before anything really happens, let’s get drunk now and forget about tomorrow. After all, the sword of Damocles never fell and maybe never it will.

CPC < 0.7, 73% chances a red day the next day.


CPCE <= 0.65, 58% chances a red day the next day. (Gosh, cannot believe, this was once my favorite trick! Anyway, still the reading at 0.46 is way too bullish which is worth of noticing.)