Chart 0.0.0 Signal Watch and Daily Highlights lists all the trading signals I follow. Because there're always some changes everyday so I don't generally mention them in my daily report. But it dose not mean they are not important.


Take today's signals as an example:


1. We have almost all the intermediate-term sell signals, so generally, we want to take short positions.

2. Short-term, there're 2 sell signals and only 1 oversold signal, so should be OK to start short position or safe to keep the existing short positions.

Let's say, after a few days, we got signals like bellow:


1. Still intermediate-term are down, so we don't want to take any long positions here, unless you're an aggressive trader.

2. Since there're lots of short-term oversold signals, so we'd better take some profits here. And because the intermediate-term is still down and sometimes oversold can be more oversold, so it's OK we keep part of our short positions so that we won't regret if the market keeps going down disregarding all the oversold signals.


Anyway, my point here is to keep watching this chart and gradually adapt the signals in this chart to fit your own trading style.