Sorry ladies and gentlemen, for days some people keep harassing  me and I believe there would be more of this kind to happen in the future as this blog grows rapidly. So today I introduced DISQUS system as the comment provider. Although inconvenient as it seems at the very beginning but I believe DISQUS would eventually become one of a few necessities we must have in the Internet world. So sorry for the inconvenience, please take a little extra time to register in DISQUS. And feel free to test the comment below.

I’m not a “stock god”, I made lots of mistakes and will sure make more mistakes. But please in this free world allow me at least a place to express something I believe. I might not as smart as some of you basher and I might not as educated as some of you basher and I might not as experienced as some of you basher, but at least I work very hard day by day, with no leisure, with no weekend, with no holiday and with no vacation. Isn’t this a new world who believes Cinderella? Then why is a working hard soul so hated?

And for the majority of you who support me, all I want to say are thank you, I really appreciate. And I promise I’d make this blog better and better! See you at DISQUS!