OK, judging by the last 20 minutes push up, it seems that everybody knows very bullish Monday now. The last time I said everyone knew bearish Thursday then someone commented that since everyone knew bearish Thursday therefore it wouldn’t work. Indeed, it didn’t work. Now I’m very anxious to know if anybody would comment in the same manner: Since everyone knows bullish Monday, so it wouldn’t work this time. Well, let me know, anyone? LOL


The bottom line, too many short-term bearish signs, especially the put call ratio, if you look at the chart 0.0.9 Extreme Put Call Ratio Watch tonight (the correct data is only available after 7:40pm ET, but I’ve put the official final data below so you can verify now if I’m telling you the truth), it’ll argue for a top again. I don’t mean an immediate short-term top, but I think it should not be very far.


Enjoy your weekend!