The bottom line, the short-term trend is up. I hold partial long position over the weekend (new strategy, always hold until the very first failed trade).

We got the “much weaker” push up today which is essential for the 3 push up pattern I’ve been blah blah, but unfortunately to bears, it’s not weak enough, so as I’ve already mentioned in the intraday comment, the evil plan is today’s high might get retested the next Monday, not very sure though as the not weak enough “much weaker” push up was not strong enough either. One thing for sure though, I don’t expect a big green Monday, if not red, because TICK closed above 1,000 again.


Enjoy your weekend!

Demo account for short-term model, $200 max loss allowed per trade. Mechanical trading signal, for fun only.

TICKER Entry Date Entry Price Share Stop Loss Exit Date Exit Price Profit Comment
SSO 04/01/2011 $53.70 100 $51.57 N/A N/A N/A Could be buy at close, not very clear.
SSO 04/01/2011 $54.00 100 $51.57  
SSO 03/28/2011 $52.02 100 $49.91 04/01/2011 $54.09 207.00  
LAST 1158.00  
SUM 1365.00