This site mainly provides analysis for S&P 500 index. Rarely an individual stock is mentioned. It’s the original technical analysis, no news, no fundamentals and no Elliott Wave.

This site is not small, the Alexa rank is below 50K and the monthly absolutely unique IP visits are round 50K too, hardly could you find another single person TA site matching it, so there must be a reason for it to be popular. Please don’t easily give it up at the very first few glances, give it a little more time you may find it really helpful as the other thousands of daily visitors do.

Quick Reference Card

Swing trader with no TA knowledge, Non-Stop model is your direction guide which can be found in the daily Trading Signals report.

Swing  trader with a little intraday experiences, Cobra Impulse System is your direction guide which can be found in the daily Trading Signals report.

Short-term trader, Short-term Model and Demo Account are your guide which can also be found in the daily Trading Signals report.

The core report is the daily Market Outlook which is for experienced traders only. If you’re a beginner and really determined to learn TA, it’s also a good learning material but remember it doesn’t help your trade before you could fully understand what it reports. The report is written in both English and Chinese. The Chinese translation follows right after the English contents.

Daily Portfolio Update is your direction guide for Russell 2000, gold, oil, bond and US Dollar. It’s not a typical position trading however, as sometimes switch direction can be fast depends on the market volatility.

If you’re day trader, look no further in the daily Intraday Comments. The Twitter widget on the right side of the home page provides all the intraday updates automatically to save you from keeping refreshing browser. Twitter user can follow @CobraMarketView directly.

If you’re long term investor or all you care are your 401K or RRSP, here is a simple idea, but generally this site is not for you.

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What you don’t get?

If you’re looking for a simple buy or sell with always very affirmative tone and some hot stock picks that promise to make you rich overnight, this site is not for you. If you’re looking for someone who stays in a fixed direction for a long long time, this site is not for you. Cobra is neither bull nor bear, it’s a snake that can twist into any direction the market goes at any time. Trading is difficult, 95% of people will likely lose money, perhaps big money, it’s like walking through a mine-field, most guys get killed, so if you cannot invest tons of time, tenacity and talent, instead hoping some advices could save you from all the troubles, then this site is not for you.

A Little History

I started the market report in Chinese in year 2007 at At that time, although I’ve traded for many years but I didn't know I have the talent to write market reports. In a short time the site gained popularity and grew into a big site, then I realized that I have some talent, so I started an English blog at in July 2008. I don't remember when I began to comment intraday, but again it was very successful in, so in February 2011, I started the English intraday comment at And in Oct 2011, I combined all my reports (Chinese and English, daily reports and intraday comments) into

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