I expect a green close next Monday for 2 reasons:

CPCI > 1.55 which means an up day next day.


Both VIX and SPX closed in red today, by counting green vertical lines we can see high likely an up day the next day.


There’s a catch though, I don’t have the final ISEE readings yet, since on the ISE web site it said the data was wrong. Just from the screenshot below (which is still a wrong data), ISEE index hit a 52 week high today and the previous 52 week high was hit on Mar 9, 2009. I think you should all remember what had happened after Mar 9, 2009. Anyway, I don’t mean the readings are bullish, I just mean even a slight different readings later posted by ISE, may change my speculations about the next Monday or even a little bit longer term, so I will talk about ISEE index later once I get the correct data.