OK, as some comments have said no TA is need for crying an up day the next day, so I won’t bother to say anything anymore. Yes, CPC is a little bit too low today but on 12/21/2009 and 12/22/2009 the market simply kept going up despite the similar very low CPC readings.


Besides, according to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, tomorrow is income tax deadline, Dow down only 5 times since 1981 and the day after tomorrow is OE day, Dow up 11 of last 13 and the day after after after after tomorrow is the famous very very bullish Monday.

The number of NYSE stocks at 52 week highs reached a new high today which almost guarantees a new index high ahead.

Sure the bearish extremes went more extreme today, but who cares, when the music stops, the one who gets caught shall never be me, because I’m the smarter one. OR AM I?