The bottom line, the short-term trend is not clear, I hold partial long position overnight simply because the mini target has not met not because it’s safe to hold overnight. By the way, the position I reported here is for my short-term model only because it’s not practical (for now) to give intraday signals. It’s by no means my total positions (yes, I may or may not have other positions). And to (pretend to) act NEUTRAL, I’m not supposed to report any of my positions except those mechanical trading signals such as SPY ST Model.

One trick for tomorrow, when CPC <= 0.81, 44 out of 67 times (66%) a green day the next day.


Those who know the Firework setup can click the Firework link to read a little about its history as it might be triggered today. I for myself still need to observe awhile to make sure it still works. The most recent 3 times a possible Firework setup was triggered was mentioned on:

  1. 06/28 After Bell Quick Summary, the setup failed thereafter.
  2. 07/19 After Bell Quick Summary, the setup was great.
  3. 08/23 After Bell Quick Summary, well, I don’t know if you want to count it as successful or not.