OK, see the comment area in today’s After Bell Quick Summary. I know most people think that to read the Money Flows is a waste of time. Well, I don’t mean the money flow itself, I mean to look at the RATIO between the block buy/sell to the total buy/sell. If on a day the block buy/sell takes the major part of the total buy/sell, then something unusual ahead may happen which at that time we don't know yet but these big guys, of course, have already known. The chart below shows what happened the day before the Dubai event was exposed, look at the unusual high block sell ratio, apparently those big guys knew something at that time we didn’t know!


Well, I agree, the huge portion of block buy mentioned in today’s After Bell Quick Summary may mean nothing because I don’t know the buying happened before or after the sell off today. But you should’ve got the idea how I read the Money Flows.