A little commercial about my Intraday Comment at http://bbs.cobrasmarketview.com/viewforum.php?f=2. It grows fast as I see more and more excellent charts and contributors there. If you haven’t got chances to take a look, be sure to drop by whenever you have time. I’m sure it’d be worthwhile.

The following screenshots are my typical everyday comments. As you can see I could generally call the turning point right (yes, that’s everyday, and it’s not merely a one day coincidence, otherwise you’d see some disagreements in the comment area of this post which I’m confident that you won’t see one.) and provide plenty of info throughout the day. Such kind of info on some web sites would cost you a few hundreds bucks a month and very much unlike my way, in which it’s mostly talk without images at all, while mines are not only full of images but most importantly totally free and perhaps free for long long time if not forever. The point here is: it’s free doesn’t mean it's worth nothing or not professional. So again, please join us in the daily comment area. Looking forward to seeing you!