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Live Update:

  • It’s a forum where I comment on the SPY intraday movement through out the regular trading hour. It’s very helpful if you’re day trader. A similar services would cost you easily above $100 a month while I provide for free. Also it’s a demo to show how accurate I can predict the market as if I can predict on 5 min chart mostly right, everyday, I can call daily, weekly chart mostly right too, because they are based on exactly the same analysis method. Just on daily or weekly chart, it may take months to know whether my calls are right or wrong, so calling on 5 min chart everyday can let you know quickly if I’m mostly wrong or right so as to conclude how good my calls are on daily and weekly chart.

中文论坛 (Chinese Forum):

  • If you like to discuss your view of the market or trading ideas in Chinese, I have a Chinese forum for you. The entire board is not limited to trading related topics, it’s a comprehensive broad, but is well known among Chinese communities in North America and Europe via its stock discussion forum.


  • It’s my public chart list at where I provide free market commentaries.

Free Reports:

  • It’s the original paid premium contents, outdated, so now free, use them to know what the paid premium contents look like.