I ordered security monitoring services on this main site as well as our intraday forum today. I also ordered a security protection software to protect this site. You can see we have both security badges displayed at the bottom of the site. Also in case you're worried, all your payment information are stored on PayPal security server, so there's no safety concern here, unless of course PayPal got hacked which I don't think it's something a normal hacker could do.


I just want you to know no matter this paid site or the free intraday forum, I care very much about your safety. I’m taking every step necessary to make sure the site contains no Virus and Malware. The security monitoring services will check our sites every 3 hours. And below are the most recent report from the monitoring services.


To make sure my post contains no virus or malware and I can find any virus or malware at the very first place, I also have McAfee Security Center installed on my machine that is used to write my daily report only. By the way, to make sure my daily report never gets interrupted because of some hardware problem, I have double computers and double internet connection services and the most important all, double servers, one in Washington DC and one in Huston and the daily backup on another remote city. All are to make sure that the site can continue have update without interruption.