This site provides S&P 500 index forecast. Actual trading setups are provided for SPY, QQQ and IWM with detailed entry, stop loss and target info. It also covers some hot stocks such as AAPL, GOOGL, TWTR and various popular ETFs such as EEM, GDX, IBB, Canadian index XIU.TO is included. In addition, stock picks are provided every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s the original technical analysis via chart patterns, indicators, breadth and statistics, no news, no fundamentals and no Elliott Wave.

This site is not small, I have thousands paid members, over 100,000 visits everyday, so there must be a reason for it to be popular.


For samples of the below mentioned reports, you can find plenty of them under  Free Reports. Also I provide 2 weeks free trial, should you decide that the services are not for you, just cancel before the trial period ends, you won’t be charged and absolutely no question is asked.

Market Outlook

  • This the core of my daily market report, published before 8:30pm ET every weekday except Friday which is posted on Saturday instead. The report gives detailed analysis about the market short, intermediate and long term trend. Every conclusions are based on multiple evidences that are always presented. No my guts telling, no conspiracy theory, no insists that I never wrong and when I don’t know, I’d say, I have no idea. Actual trading setups, such as H1/L1 and Base and Breakout Setup are provided for SPY, QQQ and IWM with detailed entry, stop loss and target info. The report is written in both English and Chinese. The Chinese translation follows right after the English contents.

Intra-day Update

  • Through the regular market hours, I provide unlimited intra-day commentaries on SPY and AAPL, mainly on 60 min chart and 15 min chart. This gives you better short-term trading edges than Market Outlook which published after market closed. Nowadays market almost gaps open everyday, so sometimes a report after market closed is not fast enough. By providing intra-day update, you’d have opportunity to act before the market closes.

Next Day Edges

  • Provides statistics about how likely the next trading day is up or down, how much today’s gain or loss is likely retraced the next trading day. The report is published shortly after the market closed, so you have enough time to adjust your position in AH trading. More and more tools that are under developing will be added into this report to better predict the next day trading edges.

Featured Stocks

  • Covers some popular stocks and widely traded ETFs, such as AAPL, GOOGL, TWTR, FB, IBB, EEM, EFA. The report is posted everyday. From Monday to Thursday, the analysis is on daily chart, so suitable for intermediate-term trade and on Friday the analysis is on weekly which is designated for long term investors who have no interest or time to read report everyday. This way, a quick glance every Friday is enough.

Stock Scans

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday after the market is closed, I provide a list of stocks that have been on strong uptrend. This expands your trading horizon further into individual stocks rather than a few popular ones I cover regularly.

Live Update (Free)

  • Free but doesn’t mean inaccurate, click HERE to see how accurate I can be and it’s not just one day, it’s almost everyday. Through the regular market hours, I give unlimited forecasts about the market directions on SPY 5 min chart. Suitable for day traders. A similar services would cost easily above $100 a month while I provide for free. It’s actually a demo to show how accurate I can predict the market because if I can predict on 5 min chart mostly right, everyday, I can call daily and weekly chart mostly right too, as they are based on exactly the same analysis method. Just on daily or weekly chart, it may take months to know whether my calls are right or wrong, so calling on 5 min chart everyday can let you know quickly if I’m mostly wrong or right so as to conclude how good my calls are on daily and weekly chart. You can find the live update HERE.

Public Chart List (Free)

  • Hundreds of charts are updated daily and available to view at any time for free in my Public Chart Book at StockCharts. Some charts are posted in the daily Market Outlook and Next Day Edges report, but most are not, so this is your additional source of information besides my daily report.

Chart Analysis on Demand (Free)

  • You can ask my opinion about any indices, stocks and commodities as long as their daily charts are available in StockCharts and have enough history. For example, I cannot tell you what I think about a newly IPO because it doesn’t have much history. One thing you should know though: The Chart Analysis on Demand is not mandatory to me although I’d try my best to answer all your questions but sometimes if I get too many requests, I simply cannot answer them all.

English and Chinese Trading Community (Free)

  • The last but not the least, stock discussion forums in English and in Chinese are provided where you can share your market view with thousands experienced traders. Also a few very experienced traders provide their market view every day in the comment area after my daily report. Their comments are very valuable.


  • The core report is the daily Market Outlook which requires a little bit trading experiences, such as being disciplined enough to cut loss should the setup mentioned in the report fails. If you’re a beginner and really determined to learn TA, it’s also a good learning material, but remember, it may not help your trade before you could fully understand what it says.
  • If you have some trading experiences, then all the reports I provide would help.
  • If you’re long term investor or all you care are your 401K or RRSP, the Featured Stocks published every Friday is for you.
  • If you’re day trader, look no further in the daily Intraday Comments. The Twitter widget on the right side of the home page provides all the intraday updates automatically to save you from keeping refreshing browser. Twitter user can follow @CobraMarketView directly.


If you’re looking for a simple buy or sell with always very affirmative tone and some hot stock picks that promise to make you rich overnight, this site is not for you. If you’re looking for someone who stays in a fixed direction for a long long time, this site is not for you. Cobra is neither bull nor bear, it’s a snake that can twist into any direction the market goes at any time. Trading is difficult, 95% of people will likely lose money, perhaps big money, it’s like walking through a mine-field, most guys get killed, so if you cannot invest tons of time, tenacity and talent, instead hoping some advices could save you from all the troubles, then this site is not for you.


I started the market report in Chinese in year 2007 at At that time, although I’ve traded for many years, I didn't know I have the talent to write market reports. In a short time the site gained popularity and grew into a big site, then I realized that I have the talent, so I started an English blog at in July 2008. I don't remember when I began to comment intraday, but again it was very successful in, so in February 2011, I started the English intraday comment at And in Oct 2011, I combined all my reports (Chinese and English, daily reports and intraday comments) into The fee based services started in December 2011 after 5 years of providing newsletter services for free.


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