It’s a bad news, I’m sorry. But the last $2 increase was in Jan 2019 and you all know everything has been up a lot ever since. All I can do is to keep the increase as minimum as possible:

If you're paying monthly $29.99 or quarterly/yearly in total above $199.99 per year, there won't be any changes. However, those paying the early bird price (Mostly subscribed before Jan 22, 2012), starting from June 8, 2024, the monthly subscription fee will have $2.8 increase (yearly subscription fee will have $28.8 increase), effective when the next payment circle starts. Even with the $2.8 increase, the early bird price still is very low, if not the lowest, hopefully you could accept the changes.

If you’re OK with the price adjustment, you don’t need do anything, the adjustment will be done from our side. You’ll receive PayPal notification saying “Price CHANGED”, it could be easily mistaken as “CHARGED”, don’t worry, you’re not CHARGED.


月费$29.99,季费/年费总计$199.99以上一年的不会有任何变动。不过,目前依然享受early bird优惠的订户(主要是在2012年1月22号前订阅的),自2024年6月8日起,月费将增加$2.8(如果是按年订阅的,则增加$28.8),下一个付费周期起生效。对于early bird优惠价,既使月费增加$2.8,early bird price依然是非常优惠的价格,如果不是最便宜的话,所以希望大家能够理解。

如果对费用调整没有意见的话,大家不需要做任何事情,调整将是自动生效。注意,PayPal会通知说”Price CHANGED”,很容易看成”Price CHARGED”,不用担心,我们并没有收费。