10/20/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

A Chinese saying (Hey, I’m a Chinese, how come I don’t know this saying?), beware what you wish for, but I swear I didn’t wish for a reversal day in last night report. Anyway, bears got their reversal day but a follow-through tomorrow is more important and base on the tricks I see so far, bears might not get it. Just as you all know that recently almost all my tricks stopped working, so don’t read too much into them.

ISEE Indices & ETFs Only Index < 50 and ISEE Equities Only Index > 160, 9 out of 15 (60%) times recently a green day the next day.


When both SPX and VIX closed in a red the same day, 17 out of 27 (63%) times recently a green day the next day.


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