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Bellow is an excerpt from Thursday’s report. Marty the owner of has been mentioning this for a couple of weeks. Well, YMYD, I for myself truly believe that something fishy is going on. But as I’ve been saying whether I believe this rally or not, I’ll sure let the market go first…

"NET" Institutional Buying & Selling had an extreme reading 6 TIMES within 16 trading days. We do not normally get 1 such extreme reading until AFTER a new Bull market is started.  The last time this happened was two months after the market retested is lows in 2003.  This is the result of a government related "induction".  A Red  Flag.  These extreme high readings are unprecedented and a real concern given that the economy, Banking problems, and unemployment have not even turned around yet.  What's going on here? ... It actually happened again on Monday ... Net Institutional Buying was over the 3500 level.  It did NOT happen even once during the last Bear Market and only 2 times during the last Bull Market.  This is an obvious attempt to push the market higher and have everyone believe that the Bear Market is over.   It is NOT over ... I'll repeat that, it is not over.  What is also bothersome, is that these Institutional Buying levels are getting so little bang for the buck.   What happens when they can't or don't sustain these levels?


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