SPY is up 12 days in a row tied the September 1995, 12 consecutive up days record since SPY was launched in 1993. Well, there’s more, the record might be broken tomorrow, because one of my tricks says whenever CPC <= 0.81, 32 out 41 times a green close the next day. So this means there’re 78% chances that we’ll see a new record tomorrow.


The bottom line, well, let’s talk about it tonight because I’m afraid that except a speculation (which sounds logic to me at least) I might have nothing to say so I need leave it for tonight. You need at least see the table of my daily recap anyway so it won’t be a waste of your time for clicking my blog again tonight, will it?

Oh, since, people still like to ask, what happens when both VIX and SPY closed in green on the same day. See for yourself the chart below, I don’t see any edges myself.