Well, Magic Monday indeed. How about tomorrow then? VIX dropped more than 20%, short SPY at today’s close and cover at tomorrow’s close, 6 out of 6 times since 2002 were winning trade. Well, I know it has too few cases so maybe doesn’t count. And maybe all my After Bell Quick Summary are useless, so for fun only. I just heard people saying that when the market is up, I usually give overbought signals and when the market is down, I give oversold signals, which are really harmful for the beginners, despite I kept saying that my purpose here is just to provide information, no matter it’s bull or bear. Once again, let me make this clear: this is just a market report not at all about trading, which you have to make your own decision. If you think all those information is nonsense, please forget about them, after all, trading based purely on overbought/oversold or statistics would be very very harmful to your account and I’m not responsible at all for your account.


And yes, I’m aware the VIX BB Buy Setup was triggered today (as well as my custom made VIX MA ENV Buy Setup) but since my SPY ST Model is in sell mode now and statistics show that these buy setup won’t do well if SPY ST Model is in sell model. So again, all I can tell you is that my statistics are not in favor of these 2 setups but again feel free to ignore them.