Double Bottom or break down to test the 05/06 low? Well, we will have to wait until tomorrow to get the answer.


The good news is ChiOsc above is a little bit too low which may mean a very short-term rebound (usually last 4 hours at least). The bad news is, if my calculation is correct, I probably will “WOW” again tonight. The last 5 time I WOW-ed were in 05/13 Market Recap, 05/03 Market Recap, 04/29 Market Recap, 04/20 Market Recap and 04/14 Market Recap. Just this time, I seriously suspect that it might be a data error, because from the TICKQ below, I see lots of minus ticks, so how come the intraday cumulative tick skyrocketed high again today? Well, will have to wait until tonight to get the most updated intraday cumulative tick chart from sentimentrader to confirm the WOW.


In case you still want to know, when CPC >= 1.01, 24 out of 32 times (75%) a green day the next day. I just don’t think it has any predictive power now, because things may have been changed that CPC over 1.0 is no longer consider to be an extreme value.