OK, let’s see the trick for the month’s last 2 trading days work or not this time. For fun only.


The other thing is that I’m going to WOW again tonight assuming my calculation is correct. The last 5 times I WOW-ed were in 05/18 Market Recap, 05/12 Market Recap, 05/03 Market Recap, 04/29 Market Recap, 04/20 Market Recap and 04/14 Market Recap. Again, I seriously think it’s simply a change of trading behaviors not because that people are so bullish buying Nasdaq stocks, so the last 6 times the WOW worked were just coincidences (since we’re in a downtrend). Well, whether I believe it or not, I think I’ve shown enough respect for it by honestly reporting it every time and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s a trick or a nonsense. See you tonight.