Well, some people are “complaining” nowadays I say “need see tomorrow” too frequently. And I think now you know why. One day doesn’t make a trend, especially, since May, we haven’t seen any 2 consecutive up days, so again, “need see tomorrow”.

In tonight’s report, I’ll present a small data arguing for a down day tomorrow. And most likely I’m going to “WOW” again, because according to the TICKQ chart below, people are simply in love with Nasdaq stocks too much that yet again, almost no minus ticks were recorded for the whole day. The last 7 times I WOW-ed were in 05/26 Market Recap, 05/18 Market Recap, 05/12 Market Recap, 05/03 Market Recap, 04/29 Market Recap, 04/20 Market Recap and 04/14 Market Recap.