Nothing to say, I don’t feel good about tomorrow, but I have no tricks to coax you into believing so. The bottom line, the SPY ST Model is now in BUY mode, so to me, officially the intermediate-term trend is up and I have no intention to argue with it. A possible stock trading expert in my forum claimed today that the model could be worthless, sadly, he didn’t say why because he seldom said anything in my forum either, but I think you have the right to know the possible expert’s comment on my SPY ST Model. I have no intention to recommend anything to you, please make your own decision on whether this or that could be trusted, after all, it’s your money.

The chart below is for fun only as I mentioned in the last night’s report, an extremely high NYMO usually means a big pullback the next day, but instead we got a small red. Well, the only small red in the past is marked by blue cycle as well. Again, for fun only, because I have to find something to say no matter what, a promise is a promise.