07/22/2010 After Bell Quick Summary

A little little little little bit bearish toward tomorrow at least I don’t expect the market to up big like today because the TICK closed above 1,000 again.


Also since NYADV closed too high, there’re 61% chances a red day tomorrow.


The last but not the least, I’m going to WOW again tonight for the 11th time. The previous 10 times I WOW-ed were in 07/13 Market Recap, 06/30 Market Recap, 06/25 Market Recap, 06/02 Market Recap, 05/26 Market Recap, 05/18 Market Recap, 05/12 Market Recap, 05/03 Market Recap, 04/29 Market Recap, 04/20 Market Recap and 04/14 Market Recap. I still don’t think it’s something magic but the fact it worked the last 10 times should deserve some attentions here, shouldn’t it?

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