The bottom line, the short-term trend is down. I hold partial short position overnight because the mini price target hasn’t met, not because it’s safe to do so.

Mixed signals for tomorrow and I’m neutral too. Overall, down both Friday and Monday wasn’t a good sign according to the Stock Trader’s Almanac and also a strong uptrend should never be down 3 days in a row so again it’s not a good sign. But I know, who cares, because we have POMO. Well, we’ll see.

When both VIX and SPX were down on the same day, 29 out of 41 times (71%) a green day the next day. I’ve noticed though, it hasn’t worked well since April (Why April? Because the following VIX trick counts from April, so theoretically both should have the same time frame, shouldn’t it?) , only 7 out of 12 cases (58%) led to a green day the next day.


When CPC <= 0.8, 15 out of 19 times (79%) a red day the next day.