The bottom line, the short-term trend is up. I hold partial long position overnight.

I have no idea about tomorrow. The chart looks like an Ascending Triangle in the forming so today’s pullback may not be as weak as it appeared. Although feel scared (how could the market simply ignore all the bad things happening around?!) but the name of the game is still to buy dips.


Demo account for short-term model, $200 max loss allowed per trade. Mechanical trading signal, for fun only.

TICKER Entry Date Entry Price Share Stop Loss Exit Date Exit Price Profit Comment
SSO 04/04/2011 $53.74 100 $51.57  
SSO 04/01/2011 $54.00 100 $51.57 04/05/2011 $54.18 18.00  
SSO 03/28/2011 $52.02 100 $49.91 04/01/2011 $54.09 207.00  
LAST 1158.00  
SUM 1383.00