10/17/2011 Trading Signals

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:


Just a little bit bullish biased toward tomorrow as there’re 63% chances a green day after a Major Distribution Day.


Since the Aug lows, it seems Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly bullish, above 70% chances of closing in green.


SPY SYSTEM ENTRY STOP LOSS 2*ATR(10) value: SPY=5%,SSO=10%,SDS=11%,UPRO=14%,SPXU=17%. See HERE for how to use.
Non-Stop 10/11 L N/A  
Cobra Impulse 10/14 L 1.7*ATR(10)


  • Anonymous


    • How does the moon cycle work? Full-moon to new-moon is Bullish or Bearish?

      • I prefer Moon Decli…  trigger of big move… like the low for august 8 and the high today…
        New moon and Full moon not much…

      • Anonymous

        I think its the full moon that the werewolves appear. And since werewolves are closer in nature to a bear than a bull i guess its bearish! I guess that makes sense. I’m going to start my twilight stock market analysis webpage. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Salut! Interesting stuff.  Are you suggesting that the high will occur on the sun-Jupiter opposition on Oct 28?  There are some nasty aspects next week!

      • ??? I thought he was showing a lower low to happen around NOV 28.

  • thanks

  • Cobra Andy Z said that you posted an article that if IBM gaps lower after earnings the market goes higher there after or so . .plesae dont quote me .. just the idea … can you tell more? thks !

    • Red IBM after ER means lower price SPX in 5 weeks.
      Green AMZN after ER means lower price SPX in 5 weeks.

      so basically, IBM must be green on ER while AMZN must be red on ER to be good for the SPX.

  • Anonymous

    wow what a change from yesterday when all i read here was talk of new highs and blast off to the moon.  Now everyone thinks the sky is falling again!  LOL. 

    If you know where to look you would realize we hit support today and tomorrow we either rally off of it or we break and head back to 1160 in the short term.

    • Yeah. 1160 sounds reasonable to me too..

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