10/18/2011 Trading Signals

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:


First of all, since www.cobrasmarketview.com is really a long name that either hard to remember or the “s” could be easily missed, so for your conveniences, I registered 2 more name today, the www.cobrav.com for you to remember and the www.cobramarketview.com in case you missed the “s”. Both redirect automatically to www.cobrasmarketview.com. Hopefully you all like the idea.

The bottom line, I have no good feelings at least for the short-term. Will present my witness in tonight’s report.

AAPL missed, assuming tomorrow it still gaps down, which then confirms the 3 Push Up pattern I talked yesterday, therefore we shall see a 2 legged down from here. The chart below is for direction only, not reflecting the actual price and time.


SPY SYSTEM ENTRY STOP LOSS 2*ATR(10) value: SPY=5%,SSO=10%,SDS=12%,UPRO=14%,SPXU=18%. See HERE for how to use.
Non-Stop 10/11 L N/A  
Cobra Impulse 10/14 L 1.7*ATR(10)


  • Anonymous

    sorry but i had to show this trade, don’t try to read too much into it.
    in no way an ordinary trade.
    made 4 pts. in 5 seconds = 197.60 after commissions
    too bad i was only trading one contract.
    i’m a scalper and have many trades that are less than a minute.
    but 4 pts in 5 seconds is a new record….

    • Anonymous

      Well done!

  • Anonymous

    AAPL AH is 390’s, your chart is 387. not much room to down. so can we buy dip?

    • you must be kidding me. didn’t I say it’s for direction only? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      my fault. 3 Push Up pattern hints reversal.

  • thanks

  • Anonymous

    As financials (XLF) go, so does the S&P?  XLF divergence from S&P was a nice indicator of a stock market top.

  • EvilTrader

    Cobra, what about the NYMO negative divergence ??

    Seems like a very reliable top signal to me.

    • No NYMO negative divergence. Well, just tiny small one. You can check the history, NYMO positive divergence mattered but not negative divergence because by default the market is always up. 

  • uempel

    Check the blue grid line on the 10-year and on the close up: a jump over 1225 will be meaningful:

    • Nice chart, thanks and welcome back. We had so many guys refreshing the web at the same time today almost crashed the sever. A few more days like today, then my web server would be the history. 🙂 Strangely the most people online didn’t make a new record though.

  • Anonymous

    from support back to resistance on the ndx.  When it breaks one way or the other then get on boarded!

  • Anonymous


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