10/25/2011 Portfolio Update

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Trading Signals:

TMV got stopped out today flat. The system will try to long bond tomorrow. Set TMF buy stop at $64.19, stop loss around $56.73. P.S. People kept asking if I could give buy signals the day before, which I actually did everyday. Well, guess they don’t understand what Buy Stop means, please click the Buy Stop link to see details, thanks. Honestly, if you don’t know buy stop, please don’t follow this portfolio update as it’s indeed a research project. All are paper trading. The system got lucky those days but it’s  how it handles loss and trend changes that really matters and till now we’re far beyond testing those stages yet.

DZZ buy stop not confirmed today and no longer valid. The system will try to long gold tomorrow. Set DGP buy stop at $57.58, stop loss around $51.03.

TNA got stopped out today flat. And this is why OCCASIONALLY that damn Cobra’s report helps, indeed NYMO should not be argued, I’ve added a little rule to out at least pyramid position in case of NYMO extremes. And well, this is what the research project for, to find errors and therefore improve.

Since UCO daily low is about the entry price now, so it’s time to set breakeven stop loss and half out.


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