10/31/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Trading Signals:

TMV stopped out with loss. The system will try to long bond tomorrow. Set TMF buy stop at $62.80, stop loss around $54.05.

DGP stopped out flat.

The system will try to short dollar tomorrow. Set UDN buy stop at $28.35, stop loss around $27.48.


  • Short dollar, be careful

    Great British Pound / USD aka “The Cable”, backtest and then down

    These perfect backtests are the strongest signals for me.   Yet they
    often occur during a time when a “contrarian” would otherwise expect and
     opposite move–I mean after being this oversold, and put call is very high again…you would think that a relief rally would ensue.
    My charts say otherwise.

    So for this you can’t just be Opposite George, you have to outthink your Opposite George.

    And go short Cable, although between the US close and Europe open, the
    markets are just a little lost sheep, being chased to and fro by the
    barking wolves in the nearby woods.


    • Didn’t you see it was just a buy stop?

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