11/02/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Trading Signals:

UUP long not confirmed today but still valid, so move the buy stop to $21.81, stop loss around $21.22.

UCO, DGP and TNA orders were all filled, which I don’t feel good, but, say, sharp down tomorrow, then we’d have all those positions hedged with long bond and dollar, so the downside is limited, which is the beauty of this portfolio design, well, in theory. I cannot wait for a worst case to test the idea now, let’s see.


  • xst

    sometimes it’s confusing which post you did in the morning and which after-hours. It would be really nice if you can mark time when post was written. 🙂

    • the only post I do in the morning is “intraday watering”, you’ll see lots of twitters.
      Trading signals will be in after hour.
      Market Outlook and Portfolio will be at night.
      I’ll check if display time is possible.

      • xst

        Thank you for clarification.
        (you can just manually put it in title? 🙂

        • Please, you know how much work I do everyday? All you see here are my leisure times, absolutely all my leisure time except sleep and eat.

    • Sorry, checked, seems nowhere to turn on displaying post time. 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Cobra, can you please also add “Current Price” column to this table.  Thanks!

    • OK, tomorrow. tired now. 🙂

  • Super job Cobra love your work

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