11/09/2011 Portfolio Update

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Trading Signals:

Because the UUP daily low is above the entry price now so set the stop loss to breakeven and half out. What a difference one day made, yesterday I was talking here about to cut half or to cut full, and today, no need anymore because it’s a winning position now.

Tomorrow, the system will try to short the Russell 2000. Set TZA buy stop at $32.42, stop loss around $26.87. Meanwhile, should the TZA buy stop trigged, close the current TNA long position.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Cobra.  Truly an amazing day.  Thanks for all your guidance!

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, the portfolio has been doing great so far! Can we say it’s also a short term model similar to the one for SSO/SDS in your daily signal report? It seems that it changes positions pretty quickly.

    • No, it’s on daily chart while short-term is on 60 min and 15 min chart.

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  • Anonymous

    Seems that the TZA position should be filled. I suppose the position would be 100 shares?

    • you know how to calculate the size. 🙂

      I typed a lot but they’re all gone, so sorry, no more typing. 🙂

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