11/19/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Trading Signals:

DZZ buy order not filled, but the system will try to buy DZZ again the next Monday. Set DZZ buy stop at $4.69, stop loss around $4.21.

The system sees the pullbacks of the oil as a good chance to buy dip. Set UCO buy stop at $ 42.02, stop loss around $34.78. This is a pyramid position if filled.


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  • Anonymous

    Cobra, have you investigated the 3x leveraged gold funds to reduce the position size? I think there are also leveraged dollar funds too, which can be used to reduce the position size. Was your choice of the current funds based on their daily trading volumes?

    • you can try UUPT and UDNT but there’s no volume there. So yes, my concern is the volume because you won’t get fair price using buy stop if volume too thin.

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