Starting from tomorrow, I’d like to try some intraday comments at It’s just for fun, nothing serious as if you’re not a scalper but have the whole day to watch the market you probably get bored and I offer somewhere to chat, at least it’s more convenient than posting comment at this blog especially if you have some pictures to share. I’ve been doing this kind of intraday comments for perhaps 2 years at my forum and now I’d like to try on English board. Everyone is welcome there. Just be easy on me, no eggs and tomato please, I don’t mind you throwing money into my face though.

Try now if you have time. Read the posts in “Getting Start” first, I’m sure there’s something interesting there. And you’re welcome to open any new thread about the market in “Market Analysis” forum at anytime, well, at least now you know where you can put your charts. As for how to post images, you can find it here: You have to register before posting anything though.

See you tomorrow then.