New post will be Twittered @cobramarketview from now on

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From now on every time I have a new post (including all the intraday updates), it’ll be notified on Twitter @cobramarketview. Don’t know how many of you are using Twitter, hopefully some of you like the feature.

  • Anonymous

    no Twitter account yet.

    • you don’t need Twitter. I’ve put all my updates on the front page. You don’t need to refresh the browser anymore. Hope you like the new features.

  • Great addition

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. Very convenient. Thanks!

  • Excellent. You already have a large following on Twitter. I have been directing twitter peeps to your site for over a year. 

    • Thanks, appreciate! 

      I think it’s the fate. I wanted to be on Twitter as soon as I started the English version intraday comment but it didn’t allow me to post my link, very strange indeed, so I stopped posting there. But now it seems I can post the link. Strange, but I think it’s the fate, because now I’m more ready than the last time. 

  • hi cobra, great site…….and twitter idea is fantastic.
    I know I am commenting after a very long time…..but me and my friends are regularly visiting your site, charts and intraday comments for over two years. Most of your charts are bookmarked in our browsers which we keep refreshing 100s of times/day
    Learned a lot from you and other traders which eventually helped recover some of the losses…….also witnessed your community grow n explode(hope this bull trend continue 🙂 )….

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