02/17/2012 Trading Signals

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:


The bottom line, the seasonality is bearish for the next week (I’ll update the seasonality info in Trader’s Calendar on the main page later), but I guess nobody would believe this anyway. Right now, the most important thing is to enjoy your long weekend!

Those who follow the Cobra Impulse System, because the SSO daily low is above the entry price entered on 02/13, so officially it’s time to close all today. You can keep a tiny little to ride the trend up of course, which is what the pyramid is really intended for.

  • To demonstrate the pyramid feature, I keep 50 shares with breakeven stop loss in the demo account, see highlighted area.
  • The chart below also demonstrated the “pyramid” features introduced for this enhanced version of Cobra Impulse System. Statistically, out all pyramid position whenever a breakeven stop loss can be set is better than simply keep adding the pyramid positions. In reality, however, you always have the option to keep partial pyramid position to ride the trend and this is intended in my original design. I don’t want to make the program complicated, that’s why I simply assume the pyramid positions are all out every time, after all, machine cannot handle the exit as smart as you human.


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  • uempel

    BPNYA up 0.76%, BPSPX up 0.71%, BPCOMPQ down 0.10% and all other indices flat. BPSPX chart shows a breakout at 83 and resistance at 86.

  • This is the moment of truth. I’ll be shorting futures on Monday above Friday’s high given the opportunity.

  • Allan Sun

    All bears will been doomed on Monday! Several good news over the weekend:

    1. China started to ease;
    2. Greek deal will be done.

  • CostBasis

    Here’s why I think we’re at some sort of short-term top based on breadth charts:

    * Many cumulative advance/decline lines have just broken the trend-line from December.
    * Percentage of stocks above their 200d MA is testing a long-term trend-line.
    * Percentage of stocks above their 40d MA has already peaked a week ago.
    * Percentage of stocks 1 stddev above 200d MA could be testing a long-term trend-line soon.
    * Percentage of stocks 1 stddev above 40d MA has already peaked 2 weeks ago.
    * Percentage of stocks 2 stddev above 200d MA has peaked and is bouncing off a trend-line.
    * Percentage of stocks 2 stddev above 40d MA has already peaked 2 weeks ago and has crashed.

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