04/13/2012 Featured Stock: AAPL

I think we’ll see a rebound as early as the next Monday. However the sell off in the past 4 days was strong so rarely it’s just one legged therefore NORMALLY the rebound would fail eventually. Technically the intermediate-term still is up because there’s no lower high and lower low on the daily chart yet. Whether the coming rebound could make a pair of lower high and lower low is what we need watch closely.

The chart below explained why we’ll see a rebound soon:

  1. Biggest bar plus volume surge, so today’s red bar might be an exhaustion bar, therefore a rebound is due soon.
  2. AAPL down 4 days in a row, 64% chances it’d close in green the next Monday. Buy at close today and hold until the very fist up day, you have 82% chances to win something in the past 2,000 trading days.


A little follow up info on the huge money inflow from block traders I mentioned in today’s Trading Signals. It might be nothing because on 03/17 Featured Stock, I mentioned huge money outflow from block traders, which seemed very bearish, but the next trading day, which is 03/19, AAPL was up a lot.


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    April 15, 2012 at 6:38 pm
    hungryfool says:

    The last week drop could be the beginning of more severe correction on AAPL.  Key support 595-600, if break below a quick drop may proceed.
    There are not many trade btw 550 to 595. 

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