Hotmail rejects our Email Alerts

Based on the subscribers feedback, we found since 09/09, hotmail stopped receiving any mails sent programmatically by Honestly, we don't know how to fix this as it maybe hotmail changed something on their end that we have no control over. We opened a ticket with hotmail support team, hopefully the problem could be solved soon. Meanwhile, the temporary solution is to subscribe with other email (the subscription form is on right side for the main page), such as gmail, or the best way is to follow me via Twitter at cobramarketview. The email alert doesn’t provide anything that is not posted on the main page, other than remind you that we have an update on the main page, so even without email alert, you don’t lose anything, just you need periodically check the main page for the latest update.

Sorry for all the inconveniences. We'll continue investigating the issue and keeping you informed.

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