The Cobra Impulse System Treasure Map

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

The purpose of the following treasure map is to let you know a little bit on how to read Cobra Impulse System signals. On 04/04 Trading Signals, I accidently reported a wrong buy stop on SSO, as the results some subscribers lost money by following the signals loyally. I felt really bad about that and promised to write a program to make sure this kind of error never happens again, and here we go as I promised. Now you can see the signals are highlighted in different colors (to make sure I never missed a signal similar to what happened on 3/13) and the most importantly the positions are calculated automatically. I’d post the chart in the daily Trading Signals everyday, hopefully could help eliminating the most man made errors. And since now you know how to read the signals, so you have a 2nd safe measure to prevent me from making an error again.


Believe me, it isn’t a easy work for me to make all the changes above. I bought a more powerful back test software, a better data feed and spent almost a month to port the Cobra Impulse System into the new platform (and still working on porting other trading programs I wrote). I just want you to know that I’m determined to make my services better and better. I’m certainly not the best trader (otherwise I won’t sell my services here, instead I should sunbath somewhere at a famous beach), but I’m sure few people could work as hard as I’ve been and I am. So I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for subscribing my services and for being patient and forgiving. I really really appreciate. If something you’re not happy, please do not hesitate to let me know, I’d do my best to improve that. Just please do allow me more times to make my services better. As traders, we all know, trading do require patience, sometimes gives a stock a little bit more time, it would shine eventually. I’m sure I’m this kind of stock... Thanks.

  • RK

    Nobody is perfect Cobra…Thanks for all the hard work. One thing i can are one of the best chartist in this blogosphere.

  • slopete

    We all appreciate your diligence and hard work.  Many thanks.

  • Progruss

    Very impressive! Thanks Cobra!

  • Thank you Cobra. Do your best, just don’t stop. By the way, the imagine above can be accessed for free with a direct link to it. Not sure if that’s your intention.

    • Thanks. Yes, it’s intentional because now the only long position is with a break even stop loss, so basically no active signals therefore members’ interest is not affected, hopefully you could tolerate this, thanks.

  • Auole

    Cobra, Thank you also for this Impulse System work.  I have been meaning to study your thought analysis trading amazing mind on this system for some time and now I can understand a little better.  Whenever in my daytrading I am feeling lost I always come back to see what you are saying.  Your work is invaluable to me.

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