01/26/2013 Featured Stocks: AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, SLV, GDX, BAC, FB

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I’ll try to comment some popular stocks according to the popular symbols list of stockcharts.

  1. It’s not a promise, if not many people are interested, I’ll stop.
  2. To save time, all comments are on the chart. I’ll just post screenshot here only.
  3. GLD, TLT, USO, UUP are common too according to the popular symbols list of stockcharts but they’re regularly updated in my public chart list, please check there.








  • Eugene Yu

    Great charts! Thank you for the analysis on the popular stocks. Keep em coming!

  • Thanks Cobra. Great new feature. Really appreciate it.

  • RK

    Thanks cobra..please do this every week with high momentum stocks. your chart analysis is simply awesome

  • oldpigwang

    I thought silver and gold should have same trend, right?
    but this time, they are oppsite? Gdx not good looking, but slv may bottoming?

    • GDX is not gold, it’s gold mining.

      SLV may act a little different than gold because SLV can serve some industrial purpose while gold doesn’t.

      Also SLV bottoming is not a sure thing yet, need wait and see.

      •  thanks, Cobra! I hope, you continue this analysis every week…

  • like ++, SIL silver miners also broke down 200MA. however, SLV and GLD does look much better, especially SLV.

  • Pitt Cheung

    great Cobra … sure a good things to cover some popular stocks 

  • Natarajan Balasubramanian


    this individual chart comments are so useful, thank you very much

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