12/15/2021 Market Outlook (Follow Through Wanted)

Big bull bar plus huge volume the chart looks great for bulls. However the breadth was weak, NYUPV : NYDNV was only 1.43. From the statistics below we can see, 7 out of 9 chances tomorrow could be down with profit factor 2.5 which means the down might not small. Also 6 out 9 chances the pullback would last for awhile instead of just tomorrow. So bullish or not, now is too early to draw the conclusion, a strong follow through tomorrow is needed, while according to the statistics below, the chances of which are 2 out of 9. The chart is very large, you may need click twice in order to see the original.




大牛棒棒加放量,图形挺好看,不过问题是breadth很弱,NYUPV : NYDNV只有1.43。从下面的统计看,明天有7 out of 9的机会跌,profit factor 2.5,就是说跌幅还不小。另外,统计也说有6 out 9的机会回调会持续一段时间,不仅仅是明天跌了就完事。所以,是不是就牛了,现在下结论还太早,需要明天strong bull follow through,而明天strong follow through的机会只有2 out of 9。图很大,可能需要点击两次才能看原图。


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